Self care: 3 blogs to help you look after yourself

Nov 17, 2016 | Parenthood, Well-being, Women at work

What is self-care all about?

What do I mean when I talk about self-care? Is it just a buzzword and excuse for luxury spa breaks? For me it refers to a lot of things and will be different for every individual I speak with. Essentially, it is considering your whole being (every aspect of you), physical, emotional, spiritual and mental, and what you need to do in your living that nurtures each of these areas. By paying attention in this way, it enables your inner resilience to remain healthy, which in turn enables you to respond to the challenges life throws at you in a healthy way.

Why is self-care important?

Self-care is a passion of mine in the work I do. I believe that it is a core ingredient in how we live our life that enables us to confidently, be the person we choose to be and achieve the things our heart desires. It is often the thing that gets bumped down the priority list at times when we probably need to give it most attention. Sadly, it often only then becomes a priority when we are running on empty.
So often when I speak with people who are struggling to get motivated or stay motivated, or have low confidence, they have been neglecting their own needs. If you don’t nourish and care for your inner resource you are going to find your motivation and confidence will be low.

Some tips to start thinking about your own self-care

Over the last few years, I have written a number of blogs with tips about self-care and how to start embedding it into your daily life, which I have linked below. I am not saying that you need to have luxury spa breaks every weekend, but what I am advocating is that you think about your needs and how you can nourish them, whether it is a hot bubble bath, drinking more water, saying no more often and so many more ideas my clients discover.

Looking after the whole selfSelf care: Looking after your whole self

It is far too easy to become focused in one particular area of life (e.g. work, motherhood) and other aspects of our life that are important to our identity as a whole person and our well-being can get neglected. This blog takes you through a stock taking exercise, in 4 steps to look at whether you are nurturing the whole of you.

Self Care: Listening to your needSelf-care: Listening to your needs

I see and hear a lot of people, who are unkind and unforgiving to themselves; behaviours that they wouldn’t dream of doing towards other people.Listening to yourself about what you do or don’t need, and talking to yourself and about yourself in a kind and encouraging way is so important. This blog shares 12 steps to Self Care that focus on listening to your needs.

Loving yourself is a necessity not a luxury

Self care: loving yourself is a necessity

In this blog, I talk about the importance of showing yourself love and care, with 3 questions to get you thinking about your nourishment.




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