World Gratitude Day: reasons to be grateful

Sep 20, 2015 | Well-being


Monday 21st September is World Gratitude Day. It began in with a gathering of people Hawaii in 1965, as a day to take the time to be thankful and show appreciation for the things in our daily lives. From these small beginnings,  it has grown worldwide, and the importance of gratitude is getting more attention.

For those of you that are on Facebook, last year you will have noticed that people were being nominated to share 3 positive things each day for either 3 or 5 days. I shared mine with people who follow my coaching Facebook page  for 5 days. The other positive trend that has been seen on Facebook and Twitter is the sharing of a photo every day for 100 days for 100 Happy Days ( ). This again is a really nice thing to see in the social media feed.

But why is this a good thing to do? What does expressing gratitude actually do for us?

The answer is that it improves our well-being and general happiness. I often encourage my life coaching clients to try and take sometime each day to think of positive things that they have happening in life. This is something that The Secret talks about a lot and holds central to its approach. I explain it to clients like tuning into the right radio station for you – if you are always thinking of the negative things that are happening, you are spending energy and focusing on negativity. By default you are not noticing the positive things about you. This can have a big impact on your motivation – you need to believe that good things can happen for you to be bothered to get on and take action.


Two things that I have found work for myself are:

  • Keep a gratitude journal (in my Stop the Flitter Diary) which I complete weekly as a minimum, but try and write in it as frequently as possible. I like seeing previous weeks entries as I flick back through the diary looking for things, and makes me appreciate a variety of things throughout the course of my daily life.
  • Use a gratitude stone. Mine is a purple butterfly that I was given by a friend a few years ago. When I see it, I take a moment to reflect on things and be grateful. You can use any object as a physical reminder, it could be a pebble from a walk on a beach, a crystal that has relevant properties for you! or anything else that will work for you. Place it somewhere that you will see or feel on a daily basis.

So take some time today to be grateful for the things that make your life special.  It will help enrich your life further.


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