Find Your Motivation Mojo - Reach your goals - e-course

Find your Motivation Mojo!

You did it! You’re here! Which must mean that the mojo is already beginning to work, because you’ve taken your first steps to reaching your goal, just by getting to this page.

Below I have recorded 3 videos for you, which will be useful at different points in the workbook. It might be that you’re powering through and want to watch all the videos at once? Or it might be that you’re taking your time, and need time to absorb, whichever is true, go at your own pace, and feel free to reach out if you would like some constructive one-to-one time!

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Video 1: What is your goal?

What’s this bit about?

In this video I will talk you through how to get clear about your goal and get clear about the reasons behind your motivation.


Video 2: How is your motivation mojo?

What’s this bit about?

In this video I talk through how to start giving your motivation mojo a healthcheck and put steps in place to boost it.

Video 3: Making a Plan

What’s this bit about?

In this video I talk you through the final stages of putting a plan together and the things to consider along the way.

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