Stop The Flitter Diary 2016


A Diary with A Difference

It’s not too late to get a Diary for 2016, we’ve limited stock left!

This diary has been designed by Sam, an experienced life coach, professional woman, and mother, to help you get control over your life, to feel balanced and organised. Find out the story behind the diary here.

Throughout the diary you will find thought provoking quotes along with prompts of things to consider. It contains a variety of different sections including:

  • A weekly diary
  • To do lists
  • Monthly planners
  • Vision board space
  • Contacts
  • Birthday lists
  • Christmas planner
  • Detailed action plans
  • Doodle space

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Diary Layoutdiary-layout

This A5, spiral bound diary contains your weekly diary across two pages, featuring four columns for you to use how you feel best (different family members, different areas of your life, a journal), a weekly to do list (with some useful prompts throughout the year), a weekly gratitude list to prompt you to take time to think of things that have gone well or you are grateful for.

“It reminds me that I am important too. It makes me remember birthdays. It also makes me focus on financial goals.” (Data Analyst

and busy mum)


Keep Focused & Organised

A section each month to reflect on the previous month and everything you have achieved, before then planning the things to do the following month. This is broken into different areas of your life to ensure all aspects of you are thought about. 

There are also more detailed action plans for those bigger tasks that need breaking down!


“…I enjoy making plans and the different sections at the beginning of each month make this extremely easy with the added bonus of tick boxes so that I can see all my achievements… (Primary School Teacher, mum of 2 )”


diary-outerOh to Dream!

A space for you to put your dreams, goals, desires, intentions onto paper. We often have lots of thoughts floating in our minds and this gives you the space to jot them down, so they are not forgotten.

Promises, Promises

A space for you to think about how you want to live 2015 for yourself and your family. It might include your family bucket list! Or it could be things that you promise to do to look after yourself and get the most out of the year.

Make Contact and Don’t Forget

No diary or organiser would be complete without somewhere to record the contact details and birthdays of the important people in your life.

What do previous customers say about it?

Below are some more comments from people who have been using the Stop the Flitter Diary.

This is the second year I have used one of Sam’s diaries. I love it! I can’t wait to get to the beginning of a new month so that I can keep focused by checking on my progress for my previous promises and plans. I enjoy making plans and the different sections at the beginning of each month make this extremely easy with the added bonus of tick boxes so that I can see all my achievements. This is a great diary to plan day to day activities whilst thinking about all the other achievements you can plan and make throughout the year. (Primary School Teacher, mum of 2 )


My stop the flitter diary came at just the right time, when I was returning to work from maternity leave. My husband works shifts so it was good for me to have more than one column to keep track of everyone! I also find the monthly goal setting pages really useful, it reminded (and still reminds) me that I need to set goals for myself, not just for work or my family. All in all a really positive, one of a kind diary! (Mental Health Nurse, mum)


I like to sit at the start of each month and fill out my monthly planner page with some realistic goals for the month ahead! I have a look at my Plans to Reality pages as well to add at least one task in from there. My weekly planner, I use a column for ‘Me’ and column for ‘Family’, a column for ‘Kids’ and then the last column I use as a ‘To Do’ list for tasks I have to achieve on that particular day , using my weekly To Do List for things to do in general! (Self-employed, mum of 2) 

2016 diaries will be available from 1st October 2016.


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