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A lot of people have a default mindset that focuses on the negative bits of life, with a head that can feel like it is full of negative chatter and self-doubt. This makes it hard to believe in your abilities to be the person you are and do the things you long to do.
These lovely affirmation cards from the Yes Mum (London Hypnobirthing) are the perfect antidote to the noise in our lives that can leave us feeling ‘bleurgh’. By taking a few moments each morning to turn over a new card, read it, think about it and say it out loud a few times, you will start to change your default settings. It will stay with you during the day and be a perfect defence to the self-chatter that likes to dominate. Over time you will be amazed at the difference it makes. You will have a bank of affirming statements, that help you feel strong, confident and capable.
Your well-being can start here. Invest in your mind and self-belief, and it will continue to give back to you.
You get 31 cards with different phrases, in a clear plastic box. Perfect to put somewhere that you will see each day and start your day with an uplifting team talk!

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A daily dose of positive thinking, to help you focus on your healthy lifestyle, eating and exercise, from the lovely Yes Mum.

These daily cards come in a clear plastic box, that can be kept somewhere you will see every morning. Each morning you turn a new one over, absorb it and say it out loud. This daily routine can be a powerful way to shift your mindset into a stronger, more confident place.


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