Stop the Flitter Diary and Group

Do you want to take back control of your time?

Stop the Flitter!

Every year I release a diary for sale that gives women (usually!) the chance to really take control of their time planning.

I’m not just talking about dental appointments, PTA meetings and reminders to buy the cat food (though there is space for that). I’m talking about giving you some head-space within the pages of a book, a chance to really stop the flitter that can overwhelm us all, and focus on what really needs to be done.

It’s less of a time planner and more of a life tool, with prompts to prioritise your mind, as much as your kids PE kits.

“It reminds me that I am important too. It makes me remember birthdays. It also makes me focus on financial goals.”

(Data Analyst and busy mum)

Life Coaching with Sam James in Norfolk

Join the Club

When you buy a Stop the Flitter diary, you don’t just get a diary, you get me too. Well, a small piece of me! Everyone who has a diary receives tailored monthly emails to help them take stock and consider where they are at.

There’s also a very friendly and supportive private Facebook group, just for those who have committed to Stop their Flitter!

We don’t just meet online either – we had a brilliant meet-up of like minded women from this years diary. We spent a great evening in each others company, talking about our aims and achievements, and making plans for the future.


All the Flitter Stoppers also get priority news about new courses and workshops – and anything else I think might be useful to you reaching your goals!

How do I buy the diary?

The 2017 diary is now available to pre-order, buy it before release on November 1st whilst stocks last!

What people say about the diary

My stop the flitter diary came at just the right time, when I was returning to work from maternity leave. My husband works shifts so it was good for me to have more than one column to keep track of everyone! I also find the monthly goal setting pages really useful, it reminded (and still reminds) me that I need to set goals for myself, not just for work or my family. All in all a really positive, one of a kind diary!

(Mental Health Nurse, mum)

I like to sit at the start of each month and fill out my monthly planner page with some realistic goals for the month ahead! I have a look at my Plans to Reality pages as well to add at least one task in from there. My weekly planner, I use a column for ‘Me’ and column for ‘Family’, a column for ‘Kids’ and then the last column I use as a ‘To Do’ list for tasks I have to achieve on that particular day , using my weekly To Do List for things to do in general!

(Self-employed, mum of 2) 

This is the second year I have used one of Sam’s diaries. I love it! I can’t wait to get to the beginning of a new month so that I can keep focused by checking on my progress for my previous promises and plans. I enjoy making plans and the different sections at the beginning of each month make this extremely easy with the added bonus of tick boxes so that I can see all my achievements. This is a great diary to plan day to day activities whilst thinking about all the other achievements you can plan and make throughout the year.

(Primary School Teacher, mum of 2 )

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