Testimonial – LC

Aug 13, 2012 | Testimonials

“I started life coaching with Sam, as a way of trying to create a better work/life balance. I also wanted to try and understand my actions and behaviour to improve relationships, and make the most of my quality time with my daughter. I found myself getting caught up in a whirlwind of life, exhausted and unfulfilled.

Life coaching I came to realise is essential for not only my happiness but for my sanity. It gives me a protected time and place to rediscover myself. Every week, at the end of each session, I plan to make a small and manageable change. It is amazing how big these changes become and how much of a real and ongoing difference they make to me.

Sam is fantastic at life coaching, as she is such a warm, caring person, yet remains completely professional and confidential. She is incredibly supportive, and comes well equipped and prepared to help with any issue I have. I can’t thank her enough and would highly recommend her to anybody!”

– LC

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