Testimonial – MW

Aug 23, 2014 | Testimonials

“I didn’t really know if I needed a personal life coach, but I knew that I wasn’t happy with myself, and the way I was living. I’ve always had big ideas about the type of person I wanted to be, and how I wanted to be living my life, but could never seem to overcome the obstacles that the world put in my path.

Sam did not give me the answers, or tell me what to do, she did something much more powerful than that! She asked me the questions, the hard questions about myself, which made me come up with answers for myself, and understand for myself what it is I needed to do in order to achieve my goals.

Since working with Sam I find that the way I am living my life is changing, I am becoming the person I want to be, and for the first time in many years I am developing, and growing, and looking forward to a much brighter, happier, future”

– MW

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