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Apr 13, 2013 | Parenthood, Testimonials, Women at work

“….. I thought I would let you know about the wonderful miracle worker that is Sam James. After her post a few weeks ago I contacted her. Like many of you I’m sure, I had no idea what Life Coaching was really all about and was dubious but am a very strong believer in the pay it forward ethos and was struggling with my life/work balance and where being a SAHM running what I thought was a hobby business really left my identity. I took the plunge!

Without going too in depth (as that is personal and where it shall stay) Sam has helped me identify what really is important to me. 4 weeks ago I felt I was grappling on the edge of a cliff and when I would make headway great big clods of ground would come away in my hands. This led to feeling disappointed and like I had no real direction. Sam has helped me focus on my real goals for personal and business and for the first time since starting And eat it I truly feel I have goals that I will reach in the next 2 years. No more searching for what works, no more negative thoughts (even down to removing what made me feel negative from FB, ladies do it, it is so cathartic!) None of this was suggested by Sam btw she just gave me all the gentle nudges I needed to put all the pieces together for myself.

If you are a SAHM struggling with your identity or business identity or any of life’s fine balancing act contact Sam I cannot recommend her highly enough and owe her big time!”

– VF

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