Your Wellbeing, Your Way!

From frazzled to refreshed

It can be really, flipping hard to find time to prioritise your own needs, when you are juggling competing demands on your time. Especially when you feel like you are one wrong step away from a catastrophe or a melt-down that you might not be able to get back up from.

Taking care of yourself is a necessity, not a luxury

  • Do you feel overwhelmed by everything?
  • Are you juggling competing demands for your attention?
  • Are you feeling like you are existing rather than living?
  • Is your brain whizzing around at 100mph and you can’t think straight?
  • Have you lost a clear sense of what it really means to be you?

Are you nodding your head? Do you need to have some time to think about YOU?

Book yourself on this day, and start feeling like you again!

What can you expect from this day?

You will spend a day with like-minded women, in a peaceful environment, exploring tried and tested tools that will leave you with a clear sense of who you are, what your needs are and how to take care of them. You will learn different things that you can take out of your bag and use again and again, to help you truly live your life and bounce back from the tough times.

I love sharing these days with women like you, because of the difference it will make to you. It feels like a real honour to have your company for the day. The day will be made to fit your needs, so that it is the best use of your time, because getting time to yourself on a weekend is so precious.

I have worked with numerous women, feeling like they are drowning under a pile of things that need their attention, who have lost a clear sense of who they are. They leave feeling listened to, with a renewed sense of direction. What they have said makes my approach different, is the ability to keep it real and down to earth. They leave with a set of things that work for them in their lives, and no longer feel guilty about the things that don’t work for them. I take ‘theory’ and ‘techniques’ and make them useful things to use in your life along with some fun mixed in, for good measure

“Sam has helped me create balance between my work and personal life and has taught me skills that I keep coming back to, to keep on track”

What do I get?

This is not going to be a day of airy fairy, nonsense that has no relevance to your life. This is a day of thinking and tools put together by me, a busy woman, life coach, mum to 2 little people, wife, daughter, friend, running my own business. I know that I need to prioritise my self-care/well being and I struggle to find the space to do it. I have put together this day to share the things that have helped me and lots of other women, to feel a little less frazzled and a little bit more in control.

A bag of loveliness, for you to take away. It will have some of our favourite things in it to help you practice the tools we talk about on the day, including your very own pack of the awesome Yes Mum Cards.

Access to the private Sam James Coaching facebook group, where you can get inspired by others also working towards personal goals.

Holly, from Thrive – Mindfulness and Wellbeing, will be joining us for the day. She will use practical exercises to explore how you can bring mindfulness into your everyday life and benefit from decreased stress levels, increased autonomy, greater resilience, improved concentration and a better sense of balance.

Useful Info.

All of this can be yours for £60.

Saturday 23rd September. 10am – 3pm.

The Bircham Centre, The Market Place, Reepham, NR10 4JJ


I want to come! How do I book a place?

All you need to do is book yourself a place here. Once payment has been received, you will receive a confirmation email with more information (so keep an eye on your spam folder)

Need to talk?

Want to get more bespoke? Got something you’d like to talk through on an individual basis?

Book a one to one with me where we can discuss whatever is on your mind.

Prices start at £20 for 20 minutes of objective and impartial listening and guidance via Skype or the Telephone (you will be able to send me more information about your goal before we speak).

Clicking here will take you to Calendly, where you can book a time that suits you and pay, in one easy step.



Yes! This day is for anyone who is feeling overwhelmed by everything on their plate right now, or feeling like they are existing rather than living. It is about sustainable wellbeing, and learning how to bounce back when the bad days happen. It will be a great day for you whatever your age or stage in life.


This day will give you time and space to actually stop and breathe. When life is busy it is hard to take any time to look up and take stock. With the support from myself and my colleagues, we will give you practical things to help you in your everyday living. Everyone will leave the day with a plan of how to put these things into action, to ensure that it doesn’t become an other thing that doesn’t work. You will leave with a bag of tools to use and ongoing support.


It will be a relaxed day, with no pressure or expectation for you to do anything that you don’t want to do. No-one is expected to talk in the group if they do not wish. We will be sharing tools and tips with you throughout the day, and giving you time to think about how they relate to your own circumstances. You will be given a book to make any notes in for you to take away and continue to use. I always say to people that my priority is that you feel comfortable and happy, and you only share if you want to share.

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