Would you love to spend time with other women who just get it?

Cup of Tea and Clarity is a safe, nurturing place I created for mums. This is a place where you can come together, in a comfortable space, and have the conversations together that will remind you that you are doing OK. We meet monthly in Reepham, Norfolk, and also have an online space, for inbetween chats and support.

I work with mums every day (that’s mums in every sense of the word, whether you are pregnant, have babies, toddlers, teens, adult children, step children or foster children) and I know how easy it is to live in your own head, and feel overwhelmed and alone with the curve balls that life throws at you. There is something really uplifting when you realise that you are not the only one who is thinking or feeling that way.

“Friendship is born at that moment when one person says to another, ‘What! You too? I thought I was the only one.’ “

-C.S. Lewis.

Two things are at the heart of Cup of Tea & Clarity:

Prioritising You

For women to keep their own wellbeing a priority, they need to keep the conversations going with other people. It will keep it alive for you. It will give you fresh inspiration to try new ways. It will encourage you to keep going or get started again.

Creating a Spark

Something magical happens when you get women together, supporting each other and laughing together. These sessions are to foster those connections, nurture those relationships.

What we talk about:

 Motivation. Everyday Joy. Confidence. Feeling Stronger. Family Life. Work Life. Getting a Balance. Comparison. Stress. Overwhelm. Self care. Goals. Empty nesting. PND. Being Mum. Being Yourself. The list goes on…

Each month has a theme, but the conversation goes wherever you take it.

You’re Never Alone

When you join us at Cup of Tea & Clarity, you are welcomed into our private Facebook group, where you can keep in touch between meet-ups.

Tickets are £15 and must be booked in advance.

delicious nibbles and drinks are included, because what’s a meet up without a cup of tea?

FOURTH Wednesday of the month   7:30pm – 9:00pm    THE BIRCHAM CENTRE,  MARKET PLACE, REEPHAM

Need to talk?

Want to get more bespoke? Got something you’d like to talk through with someone?

Book a one to one with me where we can discuss your goals, commitment and challenges.

Prices start at £15 for 20 minutes of objective and impartial listening and guidance via Skype or the Telephone (you will be able to send me more information about your goal before we speak).

Clicking here will take you to Calendly, where you can book a time that suits you and pay, in one easy step.

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