About Coaching with Sam

I offer down to earth, real life coaching. I do not promise huge, dramatic outcomes in a short time. I know that life can be challenging and hard, and that change is bloody hard, but really worth it. I keep it real and focused on the outcomes you want.

In technical jargon, I offer non-directional coaching and motivational help. I make use of an eclectic mix of other approaches; positive psychology, cognitive behavioural approaches, NLP, law of attraction. But what does this really mean? I listen to you and what is happening for you, without telling you what you should do. I use the vast years of experience and techniques to adapt the session to best meet your needs and desired outcomes.

Ultimately my hope for you is that you will find the steps you need to take to allow you to live a fulfilled and content life, with more happy moments than sad ones.

Life Coaching with Sam James in Norfolk

How does life coaching feel?

People say their experience is: A comfortable conversation, not feeling like they are having an intervention …. Gentle nudges in the right direction …. Taking their complex, cluttered thoughts, and pinpointing the truth of what’s going on, making the way forward feel simple …. That someone is genuinely interested and cares about what they do

How much does it cost?

My standard charges are:

£40 per 1 hour session in Reepham or Skype/FaceTime/telephone
£60 per 1 hour session in Norwich

Discounts are available for block bookings, just ask.

I can offer appointments from your home (or choice of venue), but an additional charge for mileage may be applied, depending on the distance, please contact me to find out more.

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