It’s Never Too Late To Start Creating a Vision For The Year. A 4 Step Fresh Start Strategy.

Jan 12, 2016 | Motivation, Parenthood, Women at work

We are now in the throws of January, and life has returned to the normal routine for most of us. New Years celebrations, and talk of resolutions is already losing pace. But I bet there are a number of you out there who are feeling you can only now stop to take a breath. I know I am. If you are anything like me, you have romantic notions of finding time over the Christmas/New Year period to have time for you to ponder, plan and get sorted for the next year. But reality happens, especially if you have kids, and the two weeks are full on! This is why I give myself permission to approach January as my month to get my head into gear and be on track by the end of the month.

Am I doomed to failure because I didn’t have my plans ready for January 1st?

I have noticed in some forums, that people have been feeling overwhelmed and panicked because they didn’t have their vision for the year, plans and goals all set and ready for January 1st. For some people they are all geared up and ready for making those commitments and changes on 1st January. And that is fantastic! Often, they will have been thinking about what they are going to do for some time prior to the Christmas mayhem, and have got the initial steps ready and in place. For these people 1st of January signals the start of an exciting journey that they have the appetite for.

If however, you aren’t there yet, don’t worry. Don’t throw all your ideas and dreams for the year out now. January 1st is not the only time that you can create a vision, make a plan, set new intentions and start creating that dream you have had. You can do this stuff at anytime in the year. The important thing is that you start giving them the thinking space they need and letting them grow.

A Fresh Start Strategy

After lots of new years where I have made big resolutions and sometimes stuck to them, sometimes not, I have adopted a different approach that works for me, a Fresh Start strategy:

  1. Give yourself time to really ponder and muse what you want your year (or future) to look like. So rather than focusing on particular goals at this stage, imagine you are meeting yourself for a glass of wine in December and hearing about what this year has been like. Ask yourself, what feelings do you want to have experienced? What do you want your memories and photos to look like? What do you want to be celebrating? This is then when your vision board can start to take shape.
  2. Then ask yourself, what is it you need to do to care for yourself to allow your year to come to fruition. Make some self-care promises to yourself. Some examples can be things like swimming, taking time to read, listen to music, take a bath, go for a walk. Self care isn’t selfish. It is necessary.
  3. Give yourself time to just ‘be’ with your map of the year and your promises. Let them become part of your thinking.
  4. When the time is right, start the planning, goal setting and action!


Key ingredients you need to discover your Motivation Mojo

The reason I recommend following the 4 stages above, as your Fresh Start Strategy, is because there are key ingredients that everyone needs in place to be able to spring into action:

  1. You need time to plan. To make sure that you really bottom out the important things.
  2. You need to know that you really want it. That the costs are worth it!
  3. You need to be in the right place, mentally. You need to believe it is possible and that you can achieve it.
  4. You need to know that everything is in place to make it work.

So if you haven’t started it yet, and are feeling disheartened that everyone else around you has got their stuff together, don’t be. There is still time to set your plans sorted and started for the new year ahead.

Go on, dream about where you want this next year to take you. Put it on paper, or some representation, as a reminder. And then the planning of each bit will just flow.

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