A muddy mess

Apr 10, 2016 | Back on the Bike

This last week has been hard to get going again, after having been ill. I am still coughing a lot during and after my rides. But I know that I am well enough to be riding. If I allow myself to use the coughing as an excuse I will never keep going!


My first ride last Sunday was slow, and frustrating. It felt like all the progress I had made was lost. But I gave myself a talking to! And by the end of the week I was seeing my time pick up again.


Today I have completed 25.90 miles in 2 hours 10 minutes riding time. I am really pleased with that. I did however, fall out with my garmin! I haven’t got it set up correctly (operator malfunction) and ended up down a boggy path. It got embarrassing though…I over took a runner as he started his run. He then overtook me whilst I was having a short break. I then overtook him again. Then I began down the path. It was muddy but manageable, so I carried on. Then I misjudged it, and the bike went from beneath me. I did think that to myself “its ok, no-one saw me!” So I picked myself and my bike up, and tried again. Yep, you guessed it. Then I fell again! As if that isn’t bad enough, early on a Sunday morning, when in lyrca. But the runner came up to me to check I was ok, “I saw you go a#se over t&t twice!” How I wished the ground would swallow me up!


This weeks lesson: check that the route is not taking me down a ridiculous route!


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