A week of mixed emotions

Mar 31, 2016 | Back on the Bike

Following on from my 22 mile ride, my 2 mid-week rides went really well. I have really started to feel the power coming back into my legs. Also there has been a psychological shift for the midweek rides, knowing that they are a significantly shorter ride, I am starting to battle against the ‘pace’ yourself voice and challenge it with ‘push yourself’ you can always pootle the last bit of you’re really done! This has seen me knock over 3 minutes off my time in just 2 weeks, from a nearly 38 mins ride to a 33.44 mins.


Dad and I, also spent a lot of time battling roof rack parts to try and get my bike on the roof to go away for Easter weekend. We finally got the rack on at 11.30am, only to find the bike won’t fit! The disk brake fitting blocks the quick release fitting on the rack 😁😂


In the end storm Katie, meant 60mph winds where we were on Monday morning so the bike wouldn’t have really been great on the car roof then!


And now I’ve come down with lurgy, so still haven’t made it out on the bike. I’m feeling really frustrated all in all. It has now been a week since I have been on a ride. I am worried that this is a stage where the negative talk can really take advantage of me – “you see you will never stick to it”, “you are being stupid to think you can do this with two young kids, your business to run etc”. But I am determined to stick with it. So I know I just need to focus on the fact that I will be back in the saddle making progress before long!


Talking of saddles, that’s next on my list to sort – a decent ladies saddle!


And there is so much chocolate in the house! Help!

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