Back from holidays? Feeling refreshed…..but overwhelmed by which jobs to start with?

Aug 24, 2015 | Parenthood, Women at work

I have just come back from a few days away with my family. We had a great time staying in a camping pod in Suffolk, just a few miles from Southwold. We have spent lots of time at the beach – our son shares my love of the sea!

I always come back from time away with lots of ideas, feeling excited, inspired, determined. But the biggest challenge I then face is turning those ideas into reality – so often we can find they just float around in our minds and flitter away…..until next time.

What do you do to try and capture those thoughts? I have found using Evernote to keep all my ideas is great as I nearly always have either my phone, iPad or laptop to hand. Otherwise I use the doodles section in my Stop the Flitter Diary.

My top tips for making these into reality are

  1. Write them down / type them somewhere you will go back to
  2. Schedule time in your diary to look at them again
  3. Make an action plan for your priority ideas


If you remain overwhelmed and find yourself flittering around, why not consider a life coaching session with me? September can be a pivotal time in the year, similar to January. Summer holiday season is drawing to an end, and most places of work return to full capacity. It is also a time of new chapters in people’s in lives – whether it is children beginning school, changing schools, starting university, leaving home or simply the end of school holidays. It can be a time when we feel a bit lost with new time on our hands or feel overwhelmed by the tasks ahead after a backlog over the holidays.

Life coaching sessions with me will help you gain clarity and focus to enable you to achieve those ideas you came back from holiday inspired by. Why not book yourself a coaching session with me, in person or via Skype/FaceTime/telephone and kick some butt this autumn!


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