Be yourself. Wear your disco hat

Nov 23, 2015 | Things my kids teach me

Be Yourself. Wear Your Disco Hat (Sam James Coaching)

Be Yourself. Wear Your Disco Hat (Sam James Coaching)

Watching our son get ready for his school disco, I was struck by his confidence in being who he wants to be. He knew exactly what he wanted to wear – his ‘disco hat’ bought by his uncle (black with flashing lights!), along with his tie, jeans and a t-shirt. A friend of his questioned why he was wearing that and he simply replied ‘because I want to’.

I must admit I stopped myself from suggesting a more ‘conventional’ outfit because what I want for both our children is for them to be able to express themselves in whatever way they want. In the summer he wanted to paint his nails and mine, and again I just embraced this with him.

It has made me wonder, when do we lose that confidence that younger children have, and become so preoccupied with what others think? Is the inner confidence something that we can nourish in our children? I think it is one of the hardest habits to break as an adult. I know I still wobble and feel the need to follow the masses at times.

It is so freeing though, to actually be ourselves, rather than pretending to be something we aren’t! Two great tips to getting you started on this change;

The people that matter will get you

Believe that by being yourself you will attract the right friends/people into your life. They will get you! It will be easy rather than a struggle – those relationships that just feel sooo good, and as if you’ve known each other forever, and they can see you in whatever state they find you in!
This is a great tip to remember in business too. If you are clear about what you are about, what you offer and all the things that make you what you are, the right customers will find you and love what you offer. The people who aren’t right for you, will go to the place that is right for them.

Work out the important stuff!

Take some time to work out what really makes you tick – what you really believe in, what makes you feel alive, lighting the fire in your belly.
Think about the different parts of your life and are you being you? If not, what needs to change? What things have you been trying to make yourself like? Let go of these, and let that space and energy be filled with the right stuff.

Just Be Yourself (Mandy Hale) Source:

Just Be Yourself (Mandy Hale) Source:


You have permission to be that person that you know you want to be, that’s been banging on the door all this time waiting to come out. ¬†Go for it! And have fun!

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