Creating your brilliant year in 4 easy steps

Dec 26, 2015 | Motivation

Tired of New Years Resolutions?

With Christmas Day done for an other year, people start looking to the new year. I was talking to someone last week about why it is that January holds so much significance for us, because in reality it will be another day like all the rest. I think we all like to have a fresh start – there is something refreshing and exciting about the newness January brings (I love starting a new diary, new stationary and new habits!) It is a time that can bring hope and enthusiasm for all the possibilities the year has to share with us.

Are you feeling tired of New Years resolutions in the normal form of ‘I will stop smoking’ or ‘I will go to the gym everyday’ ‘I will start a diet’ ‘I will get up an hour early everyday to exercise’ etc? Would you like to create yourself a brilliant year in 4 easy steps? A year that isn’t dictated by one or two goals that after a few weeks lose their shiny appeal?


4 easy steps to creating your brilliant year

A good way to begin the year, in terms of our mind sets and well-being is to think about the bigger picture. This will help you shape your year as whole, rather than over-focusing in one particular area of your life. Within this there is then space to break it down into particular goals, but you will be setting, working towards and achieving those goals, against a backdrop that you really want across the whole of your life.


Here are 4 easy steps to follow:

  1. Reflecting on the year. Recognise the achievements, the smiles, the laughter and memories of the year that is drawing to a close. Some great aids for this can be using a happy jar and the monthly achievements section in my Stop the Flitter Diary. You can catch more about this in a live video I shared here.
  2. Make promises to yourself and to your family. These can be things that you will do to look after yourself, introducing or maintaining some much needed self-care, or approaches/outlooks to adopt in your everyday living. Thinking about what is really important to you can be a good starting place. What is it that you do for yourself that gives you a boost? or can feel like you have recharged your weary, frazzled body and mind?  What are things that you get to the end of the year and wish you had done more of? For me it is always things like, have more candle lit baths and to have read more. Think about these questions for you and your family (in whatever shape that takes) too. What is it that you like to do to reconnect after a busy time of work, school, life etc? How do you enjoy spending family time? For more information on self-care I have a selection of blogs to help you
  3. Daydream and think about what you want the year to look like. This doesn’t have to be specific ‘resolutions’ but could be themes, feelings you want to create, things to do or places to visit, things to aspire to. Use this like a map of where the year will take you. Once you have had time to daydream make sure you put pen to paper in some format, because writing them down really does increase the likelihood that you will actualise them. If they stay in your mind, that may be as far as they get!
  4. Regular check ins. Each month touch base with your promises and vision board and make the plans for the month accordingly. This will keep it feeling relevant and achievable to your life as the year progresses. It is also really important to use this time to reflect on the previous month and the things that you have achieved, as well as the lessons you have learnt.It will stop the intentions, goals and dreams that you set yourself in January, just being left and forgotten in the filing cabinet or the start of a new notebook. Keep them alive. Keep them happening.


Goal setting is really important as you take on different things but without the bigger picture formed, the goals will get lost. Sometimes just a list of goals isn’t motivating.

You don’t need to have completed all 4 steps, or even begun them, by the strike of midnight on 1st January. It isn’t all or nothing. So banish that voice that is telling you ‘oh well it’s 5th January and I’ve not thought about any of it so I’ve blown it until next year’ The whole of January can be all about this….in fact anytime of the year! Getting these steps right will bring you longer lasting results throughout the year.
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Have a brilliant year!

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