Dear Santa, I would love a Stop the Flitter Diary 2017

Nov 24, 2016 | Parenthood, Well-being, Women at work

Have you been dropping hints to your loved ones that you would love to get a Stop the Flitter Diary 2017 under the tree this year? Or are you getting asked for ideas of what you would like? Well I have the perfect solution for you, your very own Dear Santa letter.

The Perfect Christmas Present

The Stop the Flitter Diary is a perfect Christmas present. It is more than just a diary. It does have all the usual, useful diary bits (weekly diary over 2 pages, to do lists, contact details blah blah) but it has so much more. This is about helping you be the best version of you, to have the 2017 that you want and deserve;

  • Vision boards – a place to get clear about your intentions for 2017
  • Doodles – a place for those ideas, aha moments and things you must remember
  • Promises – a place to think about your needs and your those of your family
  • Monthly Focus – a place to recognise what you have achieved and plan the coming month
  • A facebook group to share ideas and support each other in having a great 2017

Dear Santa letter

To make sure that the hints you have been dropping are received loud and clear, and you actually get the present you have been hoping for I will send an email with to your loved one with all the information they need, and a little note from you. All you need to do is write your own Dear Santa here  and I will do the rest for you.




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