Getting Started

Mar 17, 2016 | Back on the Bike

After a week of thinking about it I decided to just go for it and signed up last Saturday morning. My event pack arrived mid week, which has made it feel real!

It's actually happening. My BHF event pack is here!

It’s actually happening. My BHF event pack is here!

So 1 week into properly thinking about my rides and the training I need to do, I’m feeling pretty happy.

I’ve decided in general, Sunday mornings will be my long bike ride day. Last week I did 15 miles and actually felt great afterwards. I even managed a day at Wells after, playing in the woods and on the beach!

I’ve then increased my mid week ride to 2 rides! And doubled the distance from 4 miles to 8 miles! Tuesday was my toughest day, after a really long day in London for work on Monday, I was physically tired. I very nearly turned left and opted for the 4 mile route but I knew that was a slippery slope to letting my excuses win, and couldn’t cave in that easily in week 1!!

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