Leaving the door open to the world of possibilities.

Mar 2, 2016 | Things my kids teach me, Well-being

I keep seeing things and hearing things about not giving up, about not letting failure put you off. Some with positive outlooks. Some with negative outlooks. It has made me realise how much I hate the word failure.

I am always very aware of the words that I use and the labels people might associate with them. And I have realised failure is not one of the words I would choose to use. It has such negative associations – guilt, shame, embarrassment to name a few. It really doesn’t feel like it leaves the way open to have an other go. There is no sense of hope. Having a sense of hope and possibility is really important to me.

Don’t get me wrong, I am not living in an unrealistic bubble of eternal optimism where I think nothing goes wrong. I am real. Life doesn’t always work out the way we hoped. But I believe we should always be encouraged to try again. Try a different way. We often need to have the knock backs to learn the best bits of life, before then upping our game another level. But I just urge us all to make sure the words we use, leave the door open to the world of possibilities.

This really struck a strong chord with me when our son didn’t seem to have his usual cheeky, chappy demeanour, and after some gentle questions, he said he just wanted some mummy time, because then he wouldn’t keep getting things wrong. It turned out he was having a few days where he felt he was getting everything wrong. After talking it through, that it is OK to make mistakes and to try again because thats how we learn, we came up with our ladder analogy:


Thinking about the words we use and what they communicate to the world and those we love is so important. What do you want to be telling yourself and your loved ones?

I’m now working on my list of banished words! What would be on your banished wordlist?


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