I remember when pregnant with my son (now about to start school in September) it was a time of reassessing who I was and what I was about.  Coaching helped me to navigate my way through.


When embarking on the journey of parenthood, you are excited about starting this new chapter in your life but also fear the unknown. You will have so many special moments to be grateful for and it is important to cherish these. You may start to question your identity as all of a sudden everything is about baby, people refer to you as ‘x mum or dad’. It is important you still exist as ‘you’ and find ways of having some ‘me’ time without the guilt and stress we all so often feel as mums and dads.



I find a great way of helping you rediscover who you are is to do some work on the things that make you tick, and all the different areas of your life that are important to you. So often, one area can begin to dominate and it is as if we are wearing glasses that cloud everything else but that one area (for example, being a parent or work). I can work with you to find the right balance for you, for all the areas of your life. It allows you to give each area the attention and energy it needs, to allow you to be truly happy, balanced and the best you can be.



Parenthood is also a time when everyone, your family, friends, neighbours, colleagues, health professionals, strangers, all feel the need to tell you what they think you should do. From what nappies to use, how to feed your baby, where they should sleep, whether you should work, work full time or part time! Your head can end up spinning, especially when you put hormones and lack of sleep into the equation! You need to make the decisions that are right for you and your family. And who knows that? You do! Trust me, you really do!



I am passionate about helping other mums (and dads) to thrive and flourish as a person and whatever roles that involves. I work with you to understand what makes you tick, what is important to you, how to start designing your life to be the right fit for you and your family.



If this sounds like something you could benefit from, come and join me for an informal group session on Saturday 21st June 10am – 12 noon, at Elements of Health, 64 Bethel Street, Norwich. The session is ¬£20 and aimed at Mums and Mums to be. If you can’t attend this one, fill in the contact form and select ‘Receive updates’ and I can keep you updated with any new sessions as they happen.



I also offer individual sessions if you would prefer this. Again fill in the contact form and I can get in touch to discuss this with you.


Thank you for taking the time to read this post.

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