It has been a busy week in the world of Sam James Coaching, so I thought I would share with you a few of the things I have been up to.

January can be a busy time in the world of life coaching. People are wanting to work through their new years resolutions for the coming year or are needing a boost to get them going again after all the festivities.  It can be hard returning to work after a holiday, but for some people the first few days after their Christmas holidays can be the hardest.  So I have been checking in with some of my regular clients and we have been focussing our coaching sessions on getting going again and finding that excitement and buzz for life after Christmas.  My top tips for when you are feeling like your motivation and drive for work have left you is:

  • set yourself small, achievable tasks to do and enjoy ticking them off.
  • focus on something that you find fulfilling and uses your skills and knowledge, to stimulate your mind.

I have also been coaching people around planning for 2014. For some this is new years resolutions, for others it is continuing with long-term plans that they are bringing with them in 2014. I have been working with people in individual coaching sessions, both skype and in person, as well as in a number of workshops.

I had a really enjoyable coaching session with the members of Reepham Business Network on Thursday morning bright and early! I shared with them some useful facts about motivation and what affects it, and then spent the rest of the session talking them through setting a goal for themselves.  The session was full of really interesting discussions about the things that can get in the way of achieving things and the challenge of being realistic with what we set ourselves to do.

Similar topics of discussion were had in the group coaching session I ran ‘Turbo Boost 2014’. This session was crammed with tips and techniques to get the participants to really think through their goal. We often think about what we want to achieve without drilling down into the detail. I passionately believe that there are a few key steps that we often don’t follow when setting our goals:

  • visualising what life will be like when we have achieved our goal
  • thinking about the things that might send us off track and putting a plan in place for these times

If these steps are included in the planning stage it increases the chances of success enormously. I always find it fascinating walking through these stages with people and helping them uncover the solutions to their futures.  By the end of the evening everyone left with detailed plans for their personal journeys to success, which took into account the things that would normally send them off track, often never to return to their goals. By the end of the evening all the participants reported having an increased confidence in their ability to achieve their goals for 2014.

Some examples of what participants found beneficial about the group coaching session:

‘Talking through the steps as it makes you question things differently’

‘Seeing that I can make the changes I want to make and it’s not a huge task to do’

If you would like to have a group life coaching session then get a group of friends together and contact me. It would cost £15 per person, a minimum of 2 people, and I can come to you (an additional travel charge may apply). Or sign up for updates from me and I will let you know next time I am running a group locally.

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