The Fat Girl on a Skinny Bike

Apr 20, 2016 | Back on the Bike

I finally got my road bike back out of my parents shed the other day, and with the help of my Dad replaced the saddle and the pedals and got it on the road. This bike was my pride and joy as a teenager, having it made to fit me, and seeing me through miles of training and races. It was one of my main concerns when I came round after my accident in Holland – ‘Dad, how’s my bike?’.

After several years of riding mountain bikes, I found myself feeling incredibly vulnerable and wobbly on the bike. The first ride was less than 3 miles from my parents house to ours, and I felt so unsafe on it. I honestly couldn’t imagine being able to confidently ride it any distance at all, let alone 50 miles.

So I decided to share my fears with my mum, and said to her “I just like like a Fat Bird on a Skinny Bike, and feel unsafe”. My mum, responded with “I’m not going to say anything to that because whatever I say is going to be wrong. If I say, don’t be silly you aren’t you’ll say I’m not being honest….”. She did however, go on to make me see that I was absolutely fine on the bike and that this was a vulnerability showing it’s head. It also made me haveĀ a talking to myself and realise it is in my power to stop feeling like a fat bird on a skinny bike. Since my racing days, I have become an adult, had two children and eaten too many cakes and pizzas, however in preparation for my 50 miles I am being realistic and not trying to tackle too much at once, but am being more mindful about my nutrition. I can’t do everything at once.

One of the key ingredients to succeeding in any kind of goal is to have a support squad who you can have really honest conversations with, who understand where you are coming from and that you trust and respect. As well as knowing that they have your back whatever the outcome. I am feeling incredibly lucky to have a support squad firmly in my corner.

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