Today we live in a busy world where it can sometimes be difficult to escape and find time to think. When I say think, I mean really think for ourselves. We often say phrases like ‘I am so busy I don’t know where to start’ ‘I can’t think straight’ ‘I have no idea what I am doing’ . Sound familiar?

I have been reading a really interesting book by Nancy Kline, Time to Think. A great read for anyone who is interested in personal development, life coaching or managing people. She talks a lot about how amazing the human mind is at thinking in the right environment, but unfortunately we don’t give ourselves or others this very often.

After reading this book I began to understand why I was sometimes feeling uninspired or unable to achieve things. Firstly, I needed to make some changes to my working space. I have an office in my home, but I just hadn’t given it the time or attention to make it the best environment for me to work in – which is why I am quite often found working in other random places round the house. So I am taking action and making changes so that I can work more productively from my space (including moving my favourite comfy chair in, so I can enjoy a cup of chai tea whilst working). Secondly, swimming or walking allows me to truly think. It is often when I am doing either of these activities that my inspiration starts to flow – after a swim one evening, I sat down in the cafe area afterwards and twenty minutes later I had three pages of notes and ideas for my business and had found solutions to things that I had previously been struggling with!

If you often feel like you can’t think clearly, take a few minutes and think about the following questions;

  • When do you allow yourself some time to just think? And I do mean just think not try and write anything down or respond to emails or keep an eye on the children.
  • When do you think most clearly? When are you most likely to have those light-bulb moments? Are some times of day better for you than others?
  • Where do you think most clearly?
  • Is your work environment actually bringing the best out of yourself and your thoughts? If not, what changes can you make to it?

It really does make a difference if you can begin to understand when, where and how you think most clearly. Then you need to allow yourself that time – ideally on a regular basis but definitely when you feel your head is so full of thoughts you can’t think straight.

So go on, treat yourself, book in some thinking time now. Trust me your thoughts are worth it.

As well as having the right physical environment to encourage those thoughts and ideas to flow, having someone to listen to them is invaluable. When was the last time you had someone sit and listen to you and let you talk about your thoughts and ideas? Giving you their undivided attention (no phones, computers, checking the clock or other distractions) and not interrupting you with their thoughts and opinions? It can be a brilliant experience – you suddenly can find a way forward in what previously has been a foggy, overwhelming mass of stuff in your head. Life coaching can give you this time and space to truly think for yourself, with someone who is interested and wants to see those brilliant thoughts develop.

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