This training thing just got a whole lot harder!

Apr 17, 2016 | Back on the Bike

Today I wanted to give up. I was cycling with tears running down my face and was so, so close to phoning my Dad to come and get me. I hit a low point and seriously doubted my ability to get home, let alone complete a 50 mile ride.


But, I did it! I got home! How?

I was honest with myself and knew on my past patterns of behaviour, my danger spots, that if I gave up today. I would give up everytime it gets hard and a little bit of physical discomfort. I also tried to look at the bigger picture, that I was 20 miles in to a 30 mile ride and that I was going to feel it somewhere. I had also just climbed a drag through a village that required me to keep stopping for cars.

I also knew, that my Dad would not let me give up that easily. After all the years of cycling with me, and helping me get my best out of me, he knows me well enough to not be a ‘soft touch’. I know that unless I had broken a limb or my bike, beyond a roadside repair, he would tell me to get back on and keep going.

I text my brother earlier, and said I nearly gave up. This was the response I got:

“Don’t give up on a ride 🙂 Well done. It will get easier, and you will get faster 😉 ”

I am going to keep this in my mind for the rest of my training. I just need to remember that the pursuit of our goals is not easy, and we need to just settle in and keep on going.

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