Motivation Mojo: How to Visualise Your Success, and Why it’s Important

Aug 8, 2016 | Motivation

People often ask me where the best place to start is, when trying to get focused and driven with a goal.
My answer: Visualisation.
Why? Because it really works!

What is visualisation?

According to the dictionary;
Visualisation is the formation of a mental image of something.
“the story uses descriptive language to aid visualisation”
It is what is says on the tin. It is getting a clear picture of what the end result will be like in detail, as if you were reading it in a story. You think about what it will actually feel like, look like, smell like, sound like when you achieve this thing. When I do this with clients, I often introduce it by suggesting we do a bit of time travel – take a trip to the future and see what it will be like. Try it on for size! As you get yourself into role, of the future you, you will feel positive, uplifted, excited….a whole raft of emotions.

It really works!

Visualisation isn’t just a fluffy fad that is bounced around the personal development and pop psychology world. It is one of the essential ingredients for your success. It is something that successful sports people and business people use.
Sports people (such as Michael Phelps, winner of 19 Olympic Gold medals) have been using it for decades, as part of their training and preparation for their events. Successful entrepreneurs (such as Richard Branson) use it to get really clear about the directions they are going with their businesses.
There are also a variety of studies that evidence visualisation as being an effective strategy to prepare people for their own success. Studies have shown that when you visualise yourself doing something, it activates the same part of your brain as if you are doing it. It acts like a practice. It gives you a glimpse of what success is going to feel like.
Imagination is your preview of life Einstein

How will visualisation help me keep motivated?

As you work towards achieving that goal, whether it is a personal goal, health related goal or business / work goal, you might find yourself having a wobble, or in a place that feels really tough. If you have a really clear idea of what it is going to be like when you do cross that finishing line and the euphoria, or relief, or excitement etc kicks in, it will help you keep going. It is like a film trailer, or an appetiser, a tantalising preview of what is to come. A reminder that the discomfort, the heartache is worth it. It helps you dig deep and keep going when it feels like everything else is conspiring against you.
For you to feel motivated and maintain that motivation through the bumpy times, you need to believe that things are going to be better as a result of this thing and believe that you can succeed. By taking the time to visualise, and really connect with how life will be, how it will feel, what it will mean for you, you build your confidence in yourself that you can achieve it. It will show you that things will be better when you stick to it. When I do this with clients there posture, facial expressions, mannerisms, everything about them springs to life.
By having a really clear picture of what the end will be like, allows you to develop a really strong emotional connection with the success you are striving for.

5 Steps for Effective Visualisation

Below, I share my 5 steps to effective visualisation:
  1. Choose a time and place where you feel comfortable and have some time to think.
  2. Get clear on your goal. What exactly is it you are aiming for? When will it be?
  3. Imagine you are there, achieving your goal, in as much detail as possible. Think about all of your senses and what they will be experiencing? Who will you be with? Where will you be? What else will be happening? How will you be feeling?
  4. Capture it – either write it, draw it or record yourself describing it. Make sure you capture everything.
  5. Revisit this visualisation regularly throughout your journey towards your success. Especially, when you find yourself face to face with an obstacle!


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