When it doesn’t go to plan

May 16, 2016 | Back on the Bike

I am writing this after a tough week, with just under 3 weeks to go.

Last Tuesday, I was feeling great after having done what felt like a fast 10 miles in the rain before 7am….until I fell off literally outside our front door. I can’t remember exactly what happened, but know that my helmet has taken a hammering and had to be replaced, my front wheel needed some attention from my mechanic (Dad!) and my shoulders and neck had taken some force. After the shock wore off, apart from being sore and stiff, I felt OK and planned on sticking to my training plan for the week, especially since my husband was leaving on Saturday for a 2 week work trip so this was my last big push.

My right elbow became increasingly painful throughout Tuesday but after having it checked I rested it and remained focused. Thursday I managed to ride 4 miles and felt OK, so planned to do at least 30 miles on Friday morning. I got less than 8 miles into the ride and was in tears of pain and frustration as my shoulder and neck were starting to cramp up. So I reluctantly rode home. Feeling utterly defeated. But knowing I couldn’t risk making it worse at this stage.

Luckily, my husband has listened to me over the years and put his ‘life coach’ hat on! He helped me see the progress I had made since I began training, and that still on this bad week I had had I still cycled almost 25 miles. My mum also reminded me to visualise being on the bike and training. This was an extremely poignant reminder of how important it is to chart our progress and achievements along the way. It really helped me see the bigger picture and refocus.

So I have dusted myself off and realised that I need to focus on what is in my control and abilities these last two weeks and focus on my belief that I can and will complete this ride. I am prioritising my overall health, and can do yoga in the evenings and some core work, along with rides that feel comfortable in the opportunities I have.

Today has been a good day, managing 10.5 miles recording my personal best average speed, and with very little discomfort until the end. So I am going to bed tonight with a renewed positivity.

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