When the power of visualising back fired!

May 5, 2016 | Back on the Bike

This morning, I had woken up before my youngest and was really looking forward to getting out on my road bike again after a more confident ride on it yesterday. No longer feeling like a ‘fat bird on a skinny bike’. The sun was shining already, the perfect weather for a ride. But then I went into the garage and found my road bike had a puncture (again!). So rather than having my normal, rational, problem solving head on I found myself in an almighty grump. The blame gremlin was taking up residence in my head – of course it was everyone else’s fault (?!). The Excuse gremlin also came out to join in the party ‘I haven’t got time now that I’ve faffed about pumping the tyre up etc’. So I went back inside, in a foul mood. All the while my mountain bike sat there, ready for an outing!

I later realised it was because it wasn’t how I planned it to be, or imagined in my mind that my ride was going to be. I have known for number of years the importance of being really clear in your mind, visualising the future you want and I have had numerous experiences of it working in so many different settings. What I hadn’t realised was how much I’d begun applying it to the whole of my life.

I have since realised it isn’t just visualising the ride (and yes that has included a realistic approach of rain, wind etc) that I have been doing. I have been visualising how I will feel that day after a ride, how that night out will feel if I’ve been on bike that day, or that evening in my pj’s on the sofa.

So now I am going to need to use this powerful tool for the final stint. I am going to drive the route so I can imagine the tough bits, the easier bits, help me pace myself and plan my nutritional bits. I am also going to visualise that feeling when I cross the line and see my family waiting for me. I can hear my son’s excitement and pride. This will definitely help me up the hills!.

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