Ask Sam: Is it really worth it? Yes! Small changes, become big changes in the end

Nov 13, 2013 | Ask Sam, Motivation

I was having a Facebook chat with a good friend in Wales this morning that inspired me to write this blog about change.  She was feeling frustrated and disheartened after a training course that had inspired her, because she felt that the amount of change she could implement at work was minimal.  She was questioning, whether it was really worth it!

This reminded me how we are often disillusioned about bringing about change, through fear that it isn’t realistic, it won’t make any real difference or simply because we feel overwhelmed.

So what can you do if you are feeling overwhelmed or disillusioned about making change happen?

Often the key to overcoming the disillusionment surrounding change is to make sure that you are focusing on the right things, with the right expectations.

Imagine two tracks that are running parallel to each other –  they are both going to end at a similar destination with a similar journey there.  However, if one of those tracks changes it’s path just a small amount (even just a few degrees) eventually it will have a completely different destination, and will have experienced a vastly different journey to get there. Every step is a step worth taking.

So rather than approaching change as an all or nothing state, start thinking of it as a series of small steps that will make long-lasting changes for you.

Don’t get me wrong, when I am coaching someone to change something about their situation or achieve a goal, we will often start with thinking about that end goal – what it will be like when they are there, so that we have a really clear picture of the destination.  But then the really important stuff happens – we break it down into smaller, easier to make steps.  We keep an eye on that end prize, with each step, and then at regular intervals  look back at the distance travelled since the beginning.  It is really important to do this, to remind ourselves of the progress we have made and how different our scenery looks, compared to the start of our journey.

In the words of motivational speaker, Ed Foreman

Ed Foreman - Always do what we've always done

So go on I challenge you, start making a small change today and before long you will be looking back at how far that step has taken you.

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