A few New Year thoughts

Dec 30, 2018 | Motivation

New Year resolutions is a topic that can divide the nation – those of you who love setting new years resolutions and those of you who groan at the mention of them. There is no definitive answer for this one. I believe it is very definitely a case of discovering what works best for you.


If you love setting resolutions at the start of the year, and you succeed in achieving them, keep doing it.


If you find it a disheartening process that actually demotivates you, find a different way to embrace the feeling of a fresh start without the pressure of the resolutions.


I have put together a few thoughts about how to navigate this minefiled, and links to some other blogs I’ve written covering different aspects of new years resolutions.


Creating strong intentions

If you are in the “make resolutions camp” here are some things to consider, that will make your resolutions even stronger:

  • make them a positive intention, rather than a negative one. Less of the “I will stop / give up …” goals and more of the “I will…”.
  • Write them down – the evidence is strong on this one, if you write your intentions down you are much more likely to achieve them.
  • Be specific with your goals and your timescales.
  • Keep them in the context of your whole life, this is where the realistic element comes into its own.
  • If you have been setting the same intention every year for the past few years, and not making any progress with it, consider whether the goal is actually a good fit for you right now. Maybe it is time to set fresh intentions that feel exciting, relevant and achievable for you.

This blog offers a few useful things to consider when setting your annual goals – New year resolutions that fit into your life.


Creating a successful year, without resolutions

If you are in the “they don’t work for me camp” there are still lots of ways that you can use January as a way to get a clear sense of direction for the year ahead.

  • finding a routine that allows you to plan and reflect throughout the year can be a really effective and motivating approach for many people. Often when you set goals that are too far into the future you don’t have the same motivation because it is tempting to say “oh, next week I will start”. If this sounds like you, check out this blog where I share 4 steps to planning and executing goals throughout the year.
  • choosing a word or theme for the year ahead can be another great way to bring you focus and direction, without the pressure of being on it all of the time. I explain more in this blog.


If you are like many other people, who actually feel like they are still in hibernation at the beginning of January that is totally fine. It is never too late to set intentions and goals – whether it is is January, June, October, the month doesn’t matter. What does matter is your motivation and desire and ability to focus on the things you want to. So, if this sounds like you, have a read of this blog.


Most importantly with all of this, trust your gut and do what feels right for you. Don’t follow the masses and all the noise on social media, because no-one else is living your life with your passions, your challenges and your energy. Choose your own way of making the next year awesome!




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